Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mountain Man

Mountain Man are a folk inspired vocalist group from Vermont consisting of 3 members Amelia Randall, Molly Erin Sarle and Alaxandra Sauser-Monning.
To date they have just one album called Made The Harbour which I personally think was one of the best releases of last year. The harmonies on such songs as 'Soft Skin' and 'Dog Song' are immaculately delivered over some beautiful acoustic strings.
The  standout song however is 'Animal Tracks' which for me was an instant attraction and encouraged me to go out and buy the album..
 I was greatly excited to see that they were on the Electric Picnic line up last September and I made sure to get to see them while I was at the festival. The only downside  was they were actually billed to play early at the main stage which was a bit misguided by the organisers  in my opinion because this stage demands a big audience.
Because they weren't hugely known, they had an audience of a few hundred as opposed to a few thousand.
Still it was a very memorable early  Sunday afternoon being there, shaking off the hangover from the previous day and getting inspired by these amazing songs.
Thankfully sombody on the day filmed part of this gig and put this clip up on youtube.
I really think this band are capable of a lot more great things in the future...

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