Monday, March 28, 2011

Boa Morte

The Dial WaltzBoa Morte are a folksy lo-fi 4 piece band from Cork who are about to release their long awaited second album in April called 'The Dial Waltz' on the Kicking A Can label.
They formed in 1998 and their first release was an EP entitled 'Passenger, Measure Your Time' which was widely acclaimed. Their music has been described as elegantly downbeat and draws on influences from modern Americana not unlike bands like Lambchop or Low, they have also many times been compared to Bonnie Prince Billy. In fact Uncut magazine in their latest issue said of their new album..'while this set does sound as it was recorded in Bonnie Prince Billy's conservatory on a cloudy Sunday, the melodies are delicate and the mood of weary sadness well rendered'. Uncut also awarded a 4 star rating for the album which is no mean achievement for a band to receive from such a prestigious press.
Boa Morte's first album, 'Soon It Will Come Time, To Face The World Outside' released in 2002 also was  highly acclaimed by Uncut, again giving them a 4 star review and called the record ....' a spellbinding debut'..
The Irish Times, Hot Press and Mojo magazine among others all reviewed the album with gushing praise, confirming this Irish band's status as a level above many.
This is the video clip for 'Wooden Floors' from the new album 'The Dial Waltz'..

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