Monday, March 7, 2011

The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra

Limerick band, The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, released their excellent debut album  'Lowering The Tone' last year to quite an array of critical acclaim. It can be found on the independent record label  Silly Goose.
The Irish Times journalist Tony Clayton-Lee commented that while the album was titled 'Lowering the Tone', they were raising the bar more like'....
Hot Press magazine described The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra as ...'difficult to define-and impossible to ignore'.
They have built up quite a large following throughout Ireland with their lively concerts over the past few years, including playing a couple of times at The Electric Picnic festival, where I saw them last year.
Drawn together as college friends, the 8 piece group, all hail from Limerick, bar one from Galway  (the 3 vocalists David, James and Ann Blake are siblings). Their music could be compared to Canadian indie bands like Broken Social Scene or Arcade Fire for their multi instrument and varied styles crossed with  a cabaret friendliness especially when they play live.
This is them playing the song 'Grace Jones' from the fore mentioned album live at The Crawdaddy Dublin two years ago...
They regularly play in Dolans Limerick and are back again at that venue next month for another gig in the upstairs venue. This is a video of them performing the song called 'Soon'..

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