Monday, March 14, 2011

John Hegarty- Limerick

This is a great song written by John Hegarty about my home city Limerick; apparently inspired by his time spent as a student there. This clip is from a music TV series called 'Other Voices' which has run for many years and takes place in various venues around the Co. Kerry coastal town Dingle. The show is mostly filmed in the 200 year old St. James's Church located in the centre of town. John Hegarty is introduced here by Glen Hansard and this is from the excellent first series recorded in 2002.
The song 'Limerick' is a beautiful lyrical lament by Hegarty who clearly expresses his love for the place and its people and his longing to go there again. You can find it on his debut album called 'Twilight' and it is available on iTunes.


I wish I was in Limerick town,
where the river winds past the bridges down,
and the little lanes lead to the gathering crowds,
A light fall on a spring evening.
To watch the rain drift over the hill,
or the river head in a deep mist,
Maybe dusk has fallen on its Georgian streets,
If ever we should chance to meet

For among its streets the love I found
Of a girl from a northern town,
And I'll never see your streets no more
so full of my sad thoughts of her.
If ever you're in Limerick town, where the river winds past the bridges down
Will you seek the good friends there I found, and tell them I was asking for them.

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