Saturday, July 16, 2011


Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

WU LYF are certainly one of the most exciting new rock bands to emerge from the U.K in quite a while.
Hailing from Manchester,this 4 piece are kicking up a storm with their self produced debut album just released called 'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain'. Members, Evans Kati, Tom McClung, Ellery Roberts and Joe Manning formed the band in 2008 and soon caught the attention of music critics with the release of some recordings made available through their website.
World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation have managed to go against the grain of conventional studio recording by opting to make the album in a disused church in Ancotes, Manchester. They also released the album without the assistance of any established record label making the project even more unique.
Much attention is given to the fact that WU LYF have managed to maintain a kind of mystique, giving very little away to the press and refusing to do interviews, only adding of course to their growing cult following.
'Go tell Fire To The Mountain' is certainly one of the most impressive rock albums I have heard in a long time. With its instant earth shattering force it has as much angst and energy as  Nirvana's 'Nevermind' or perhaps Rage Against The Machines debut. Essentially this is a band likely to define 2011 and go on to global status while bypassing any conventional path.
This is the opening track on the album called LYF..................

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