Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Twilight Sad- No One Can Ever Know.

Happy New Year to all and let me say 2012 promises to be a flourishing 12 months of exciting new releases. Forthcoming albums from as diverse artistes as avant-garde Australian instrumentalists Dirty Three, a return of British space rockers Spiritualised and even yet another long player from the godfather of smooth Mr. Leonard Cohen will no doubt provide ample, eclectic listening.
A new year and a fresh start then and on to another album that must be mentioned 'No One Can Ever Know' by Scottish threesome The Twilight Sad.
This record will be officially released on  Fat Cat Records on February 6th and the first single proper from it is entitled 'Sick'...

The Twilight Sad - Sick

Assisted by legendary producer Andrew Weatherall, this 3rd LP since their first release in 2007 could arguably be their finest yet. James Graham's thick tongued Scottish accent fits perfectly over the almost industrial sound created by Andy MacFarlane (guitar) and Mark Devine (drums).
Recorded over a month period in London, the band under instruction from Weatherall experimented with vintage analogue synths thus finding the core sounds they wanted.
Inspired also by the innovative production perhaps that Factory Records brought to the world over 30 years ago, this album florishes with such influences. If you enjoy the sound of Joy Division, Editors, Depeche Mode, or Interpol, this slow burner will not do any disfavour to your already well chosen record collection.

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