Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Frank And Walters Live @ Dolans Warehouse Limerick. April 28th 2012.


The ever loveable Frank And Walters thankfully stopped  by at Dolan's Warehouse Limerick on April 28th last as part of their Greenwich Mean Time tour.This is a band very close to my heart since their beginnings in the early 1990's. Their perfect blend of Indie Rock and uplifting Pop has for years steadily reinforced their position as truly one of Ireland's finest bands of all time.
With a late entrance onstage at Dolans on the night this wonderful 4 piece treated us to a 90 minute set of familiar treasures like 'Fashion Crisis Hits New York', 'Colours' and 'After All'.
There was also a generous array of tracks from the latest album 'Greenwich Mean Time' provided; most  notably their latest single 'Indie Love Song' which is up there as one of their finest ever releases.
One happy punter quite rightly  pointed out on the night, that every song of theirs could very well be a hit single, I could not argue with such a statement.
Front man, vocalist and bassist Paul Linehan forever delights with his faultless singing and good humoured jibes between songs. The hour and a half set seemed like a far lesser measure of time altogether, in fact I was so hooked, I could have watched them play for at least double the distance. Time has done nothing to this precious band from Cork, only make them sound better and better.

                                                  The Frank And Walters 'Indie Love Song'

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