Thursday, June 7, 2012

Album Review Apple Rabbits- Kilburn State.


Earlier this year saw the release of  the second Apple Rabbits LP Kilburn State, a 12 track collection that plays out like the soundtrack to an imaginary dark suspense film with a surreal storyline.
Jay Fisher's music certainly doesn't fit easily into a particularly defined category, however that is precisely one of its finer qualities.Heavily experimental; this slow burner congers up several feelings with each listen and grows more and more intense as it draws you into its atmospheric web.
'I Could Not Care Less' is a solid stand out single from this extraordinary album...


Brimming with immense creativity Kilburn State is one of those records that will have you searching for the play button again after hearing it throughout. A record that could otherwise slip under the radar for its modesty, it deserves high praise for its sheer uniqueness. Certainly it is one of my favourite albums so far this year, a slow grower that reaches far and beyond.
It is available now for download through Kilburn State Records.


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