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Dirty 3 Live At The Button Factory Dublin. 23-11-2012

Warren Ellis- Dirty 3 @ The Button Factory

When Australian hell raisers Dirty 3 get it together in a live setting, you can be quaranteed  the concert experience of a lifetime.
Their Dublin appearance on November 23rd last at the The Button Factory was no exception.
It was my second time this year seeing them play, the previous time was at The End Of The Road Festival in Dorset. I am of the opinion though that Dirty 3 usually give a more thrilling performance in the smaller, more intimate indoor venues. After all this is how they started out in their native Melbourne playing less than huge beer joints and small halls.

The Button Factory located in the heart of Temple Bar is by no means an overally small venue, but the layout leading to the bar area is somewhat a bit cramped. It is advisable to get there early to get close to the stage area at this particular place, otherwise trudging through a dense crowd at the bar area can be awkward.

Front man Warren Ellis was in jovial mood to say the least with his hilarious rambling between his thunderous amplified violin work.  Jim White's familiar drum trashing was as effecting as it has been since the beginning and Mick Turner's jangling lead guitar acts out like the backbone that holds this manic noise together.
'This is a song about.......' is how Ellis introduces a track, the ramblings can lead anywhere from stories about LSD trips to hilarious jibes about Bon Jovi or Coldplay or whatever enters this man's mind at the given moment. If ever there were a man born to grace a stage, this is him, he walks the walk and talks the talk. The set list tonight included  a few 'chestnuts' from older records going back to 'Ocean Songs' and 'Horse Stories' which delighted many. 'Everything Is Fucked' was particularly appreciated, maybe just that title hit a note with the current declining economic state. Dirty 3 were on fire this night, a testimony to what they can achieve as a live act and a band that I will never tire of.

Dirty 3 live at The Button Factory

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