Monday, February 25, 2013

Hamell On Trial-Jinx Lennon-Theme Tune Boy Live @ Bourke's Bar Limerick. 21/2/2013

Jinx Lennon Live @ Bourke's Bar

Last Thursday night for less than the price of a cinema ticket Seoda Shows hosted  a triple bill of live music at Bourke's Bar Limerick that could banish any winter blues  away into oblivion.
Limerick's own Theme Tune Boy and formally from the group The Hitchers kicked off proceedings, setting the tone for a hard core acoustic session for the evening.
Later Dundalk man Jinx Lennon, brought his own unique blend of dark humour and uplifting loops and manic guitar strumming to the stage. Jinx is an extraordinary  performer that I have seen many times play live and ironically the first time I saw him play was again when he played support to Hamell On Trial in Limerick back in 2001.
For those of you who have not seen Jinx Lennon play live, you do not know what you are missing, the songs are a mix of social comment and observations delivered sometimes with hilarious and often outlandish lyrics.
Going to a Jinx Lennon gig is always a revelation and chances are you will  be humoured, uplifted and gobsmacked all in one by the energy he exudes onstage with songs like this one which was on the set list on Thursday night.

Jinx also has a great website that is well worth checking out, get the link here for the latest news for live dates and releases.

Ed Hamell- Live @ Bourke's Bar
At 10.30pm it was time for New Yorker Ed Hamell aka Hamell On Trial to take the stage.Armed with a beat up  Gibson guitar dating back to 1937, heavily amplified, he almost shook this small venue down.
Drawing on songs from his canon of albums, notably his best collections in my opinion like 'Coochtown'  and 'Tough Love' he also had plenty of stories and jokes in between, clearly illustrating his ability as an all round entertainer. His banter was as  fast and furious as his guitar playing, it was obvious he was enjoying every minute of the night as much as everyone there to see him was.
 Recently signed to New West Records, Hamell's latest recording is titled 'The Happiest Man In The World' an 8 track mini-album, he is also currently working on a one man show called 'Eddie's Bar' which will get a run later in the year in the U.S.
He promises a return visit to Ireland  and the U.K again in May, something certainly to look forward to.

Here is an interview and session  he did last month for BBC Radio 6 while visiting the U.K....


Many thanks to Shane Serrano for allowing me to share this clip that he filmed  at Bourke's Bar on the night..

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