Monday, August 19, 2013

Midlake Live In Dolan's Warehouse Limerick 14/08/2013.

Midlake live in Dolan's Warehouse Limerick.

Currently on a tour of the U.K. and Ireland,Texan group Midlake stopped off at Dolan's Warehouse Limerick this week much to my delight. My first knowledge of this band started off back in 2006 when I heard a song called 'Young Bride' on one of the free promo Cd's that goes along with Uncut magazine each month. Subsequently it led me to go out and buy their album 'The Trials Of Van Occupanther' and without much effort I was soon sold on this unexpectedly gem of a record. Their blend of psyche rock and folk is reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac and Jethro Tull with a modern twist that could also be compared with  the likes of Fleet Foxes. Incidentally 'Young Bride' was the first song of choice on the set list at Dolan's tonight setting the tone for what was to be an overall very satisfying gig. Lead vocalist Tim Smith who had been with the band since they formed back in 1999 departed a few months ago to form a new project called Harp. Midlake had been in the middle of creating their fourth album when this occurred thus obviously throwing the band's future into disarray. However guitarist Eric Pulido decided to take the reins as front man and if his new found position at this show is anything to go by, he is the perfect choice.The vocal difference is slightly obvious but the commitment to the songs is deep yet humbling, as Pulido delivered a fine performance throughout this 90 minute set. Needless to say reactions to such favourites as 'Roscoe' and 'Van Occupanther' were ecstatic, the appreciation  was clearly approved by all 6 band members.


The new material, seem like quite a departure from the last album, which was released in 2010 called 'The Courage Of Others'. 
 Incidentally  I bought 'The Courage Of Others'  when it came out and after one listen I wasn't very impressed. A year later I gave it another try and slowly became hooked to it's downbeat beauty, it's an album that I would now highly recommend. 

The reaction to the songs from the forthcoming album 'Anthipon' played tonight was very positive as is the feedback from fans commenting on Internet forums.
Midlake have taken direction changes with all the three previous albums to date, this time it's a more upbeat psychedelic fuelled rock sound.
The title track is the sound of a band evolving further again, despite dramatic line up changes. I think this will be a defining turning point to their career and one of the most anticipated album releases of 2013. 


Just a year ago I saw Midlake play at The End Of The Road Festival  in Dorset England, little did I know that they would play in my home city so soon. It was a very satisfying way to spend a mid week evening, afterwards the band signed albums and chatted with anyone who had time to wait around , intimate gigs don't get much better than this. 
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