Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Pixies Live At The Marquee Cork. 30/6/2014.

Frank Black

Boston favourites, The Pixies, a band I have waited 25 years to see play live, finally came to play in my neck of the woods last Monday night. I was naturally apprehensive at first as to would they still cut it as a live band after all these years.
The big surprise on the night was the presence of a mostly younger audience, which I did not expect, many who would not have even been born in the late eighties or early 1990's.
Too much alcohol and teenage angst was not something I was somehow expecting to witness at a Pixies gig these days, however it seems there is a new resurgence of interest in this bands music today.
The original line up is the same today, except for the absence of bassist Kim Deal, replaced now by Paz Lenchantin.
Just after 9pm the band entered the stage to a rousing version of 'Debaser', by now standing near the front of the stage proved somewhat unbearable because of the recklessness of some of the crowd's juvenile antics.
Beer spilling,pushing and shoving and blatant smoking (despite a smoking ban) was not what I signed up for, so I pushed well back from the front position I was holding to appreciate the music with less obstructions.

Joey Santiago
The band were in flying form as they thralled through a fine set of all the songs any fan would have wanted to hear from their back catalogue. Highlights included greats such as 'Cactus', 'Wave Of Mutilation', 'Where Is My Mind', 'Tame', the list goes on and on, in fact they played a total of 27 songs throughout the 90 minutes onstage. Frank Black's lead vocals as familiar as ever,  crashed through incredible guitar work by Joey Santiago. At one point Santiago toyed with no less than 3 guitars demonstrating his skills at playing different riffs on all instruments.
Paz Lenchantin
Argentinian born Paz Lenchantin fits the band perfectly as the latest replacement bassist. New to the line up as the second replacement after Kim Deal's departure. Her CV to date has included  work with Silver Jews, Queen's Of The Stone Age and Jenny Lewis. David Lovering, magnificent on drumming duties also did some fine backing vocals on 'La La Love You'.
David Lovering

Despite some media criticism about The Pixies last album 'Indie Cindy' released last year after several years of a break, the band certainly are still dynamite as a live act . New creativity might no longer be their greatest point but their legacy from the 80's and 90's has stood the test of time as I witnessed at this Cork show. The Pixies were one of those bands that gave us fresh hope during a time when MTV and daytime radio dominated the airwaves with continuous dross. Listening again to such albums as 'Surfer Rosa' and 'Doolittle' today I am reminded of their greatness, this night I realised my taste in music thankfully hasn't changed much at all since my childhood.

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