Monday, February 21, 2011

C. W. Stoneking

C. W. Stoneking hails from Katherine, Australia, but you would probably think otherwise when you listen to his music. Actually you could easily be mistaken for thinking this guy came from another era altogether, possibly 1930's deep south USA.
36 year old Christopher William has been recording since 1998 but his most accessible albums to date are 'King Hokum' from 2006 and  'Jungle Blues' released in 2008, both of which have been highly acclaimed.
I first saw this man on television in 2009 on a folk concert show from London, hosted by Seasick Steve.
 I was so impressed that I went out the following week and bought 'Jungle Blues'.
Here is that clip...The 2 songs he performs here are 'Dont Go Dancing Down The Darktown Strutters Ball' from the 'King Hokum' album and 'The Love Me Or Die' from 'Jungle Blues'.

Everything about this man's music is vintage which to me is very commendable in the time we live in today.
Even the album cover art would fit in anywhere along with a collection of old Blues and Folk records.
Jungle BluesKing Hokum
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