Sunday, February 20, 2011

Joe Bussard- Record Collector.

Now here is a man who loves his music, 75 year old Joe Bussard from Frederick, Maryland U.S.A. is an avid collector of  78-rpm records. Amounting to over 25,000 discs, Joe's collection  is believed to be the world's biggest treasure of old time country, blues, jazz, folk, bluegrass and gospel music (mostly from the 1920's and 1930's).
Today Bussard works on several radio stations including WREK Atlanta and in his earlier years (1956-1970) he managed the record label Fonotone, which was the last label to produce the78-rpm format.
Although he grew up in the early rock n roll era, he has stated that he has no interest whatsoever in modern music, he also claims that good country music died out  after 1953.
'Desperate Man Blues' is an excellent documentary about Bussard, here is the first 10 minutes of it.
The opening shot of him down in his basement, smoking a cigar and not being able to sit still, listening to a record is truly a joyful piece of film.
Watch out also for his passionate reaction to the Charlie Patton record that he puts on the turntable...

Down In The Basement: Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove of Vintage 78s 1926-1937 (Digipak with 72-page booklet)
In 2003 a compilation of 24 of these recordings were released on cd called 'Down In The Basement; Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove Of Vintage 78's (1926-1937)' on Old Hat Records.

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