Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hamell On Trial

The ever versatile Ed Hamell is a native of Syracuse, New York and is a one man tour de force, better know as  Hamell On Trial. I have been lucky enough to see him play live in concert twice, both times were a fond memory.
Imagine comedian Bill Hicks with a guitar and a full volume amplifier and you have a small idea of what Hamell is about.
The  2002 released live album 'Ed's Not Dead---Hamell Comes Alive' is an excellent document of the 'acoustic punk' style shows he plays. On the liner notes he writes 'PLAY THIS LOUD' and it is good advise because it's just one of those albums that needs to be heard in its entirety at high volume..
Sometimes his lyrics from his 20 year plus career will have you falling around laughing with songs like 'I hate your kid' or 'Jennifer Is Stripping Again' however he is as politically cutting as he is fun loving and it is important that he is also taken as a serious artiste. This is 'Dont Kill' from my favourite album of his called 'Tough Love' released in 2003..
Currently there is a film documentry being made about the  man himself and there is word that he will be visiting my part of the world in March/ April for a few gigs. I can hardly wait....meanwhile here is a live clip of 'The Meeting'. Look out for some serious guitar work here.
'Im like the beastie boys....except Im only one'.................

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