Friday, February 11, 2011

Morgan O Kane

Morgan O kane could once have been Charlottesville Virginia's best kept secret but that could be short lived due to the growing interest in his music, not just in the US.
I want to thank my friend Sherry Walsh (also from Virginia) for telling me about this guy last year.
He has played a couple of gigs in Ireland in the past and I know I will be going to see him the next time he visits.
The traditional bluegrass chords sound fresh and exciting in his banjo playing and his rugged voice carries each song with a fiery Southern energy.
It seems that his only album to date called 'Nine Lives' is not available in the shops yet but can be downloaded from i tunes.
 I particularly like these couple of songs 'Hold Your Fire' and 'Trouble In Mind', they are undoubtedly the most rousing traditional style pieces of music I have heard in a long time.
I just cant wait to hear more from this man...

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