Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Welcome to my blog!.
 Over the years my record collection has grown and grown and my interest in music has dare I say developed into quite a contrast of different tastes. Ever since I was a child in fact, I could never understand people who would say for instance 'oh I only listen to rock music'......'or I would never listen to World  Music'.... etc.
B.B King once said that there were only 2 kinds of music,there is good and there is bad and I totally agree with that and I believe that applies to all genres of music.
Depending on my mood I could today be listening to a Bob Dylan or Neil Young album and tomorrow I could be listening to something in total contrast like a Jamaican reggae compilation for instance.
My ears are also open to whats new out there too and believe me if you bypass most daytime radio and scratch the surface a bit, you will find amazing new music out there. Of course today its much easier because of the internet, we can just type any recommendation into google and download on the spot and jump and change in minutes to what sounds pleasing or not.
Disc Jockeys of the past didn't have that convenience, this is why I really admired the likes of John Peel for his constant searching and discovering of great music especially during the late seventies and eighties.
I have been fortunate over the years to have been to quite a few gigs around Ireland. I am hoping to make a list of artistes that I have seen live, good bad or indifferent. I must admit I recall very few concerts that I didn't enjoy.
I will also be posting recommendations as time goes on about whats good out there or at least what I see as good music out there.....


Asa said...

Welcome to Blogspot Seamie! Delighted to see that you have finally gotten around to start blogging - some of us have waited years fort this:-). If it's alright with you I'll share this on facebook to get people to read your posts? Well done and keep up the good work! /Asa

Angela said...

WooHoo! You have arrived - AT LAST! Well done! I am looking forward to reading The Thoughts Of Chairman Séamo!

Seamus said...

Thank you!!
I guess if I can have a blog, anyone can, considering that I only mastered the art of copying and pasting last night;)))