Friday, February 18, 2011

Lykke Li

Swedish born, Lykke Li is set to release her second album called Wounded Rhymes this month, which promises to be an exciting follow up to her 2008 debut Youth Novels.
 I first saw her on The Jools Holland Show in April 2008 before Youth Novels came out performing the song 'A little Bit' which I thought was a really great pop tune.
 I really liked the originality of the stripped down performance she did on that show accompanied with just acoustic guitar and percussion, here it is....

A track that you wont find on either of the 2 albums however is her excellent cover of the Kings Of Leon song 'Knocked Up' which proves her ability to add her print to somebody else's song. This live clip of that song from a Los Angeles concert in 2009 is my favourite.  It all seems like in the future,  Lykke Li 's career can only get better from here on...

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