Thursday, February 17, 2011


If garage rock is your thing, check out this band called Monotonix  from Tel Aviv  Israel. I caught only about the last 15 minutes of their live set at The Electric Picnic Festival last year, but got a good idea of the kind of show they put on. The band formed in 2005, built themselves a bit of a reputation in Israel for their wild antics onstage, including crowd surfing,  setting fire to equipment, bringing the crowd onto the street outside among other outrageous activities.  Banned eventually from almost every venue in Tel aviv, they concentrated on touring in the U.S and Europe to great success especially on the festival circuit.
They have 2 albums to date called 'Where Were You When It Happened' and 'Not Yet',  both recorded on the Drag City label.
 Not  surprisingly front man Ami Shalev recently injured himself onstage resulting in a cancellation of subsequent gigs for a while but no doubt they will be back this way again.
Here is a clip of then playing at The Crawdaddy in Dublin 2 years ago....

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