Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Bobby are a 7 member band who were formed out of a senior project at Bennington College in Vermont, they are about to release their excellent self titled album later this month on Partisan Records.
This is another project for members Molly Erin Sarle and Amelia Randall Meath who also make up two thirds of the alt-folk group Mountain Man. A departure perhaps for these ladies to enter into more experimental territory, it is also satisfying to see artistes spreading their talents into other ventures. Bobby's album is certainly one of the finest releases you will be likely to hear this year. Its run time is over an hour and with its building melodies and intricate sounds it grows and grows more addictive the more you listen.
My favourite track so far has to be 'Sore Spores' for the vocals especially that echo nothing but brilliance throughout.

Currently touring in the U. S. Bobby are likely to encounter a huge interest across Europe too as soon as more people get to hear the album. This is the kind of band I would love to see playing at a festival. Mountain Man were a late addition to last years Electric Picnic, my fingers are crossed that a similar situation will happen with Bobby...
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