Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cloud Control

Bliss Release
Cloud Control are a 4 piece Australian indie band hailing from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, who first got together in 2007. Alister Wright is the lead vocalist, Heidi Lenffer plays keyboards and sings backing vocals. Ulrich Lenffer plays drums and Jeremy Kelshaw plays bass guitar.
They have just released their first album called 'Bliss Release' and it is available on the Infectious Records label. Bliss Release is an appropriate title certainly for this album which sounds marvellously fresh and optimistic throughout. Its an record brimming with ambition and short on austerity,which gets you hooked the more you explore it.
They could be compared perhaps to bands like Modest Mouse or The Flaming Lips for their driving melodies. My first introduction to this band was hearing this song 'Ghost Story' played on the radio by the forever adventurous broadcaster Dave Couse and it really is one of the standout tracks. I went out and bought the album because of this song alone...' I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up'....indeed!

Thankfully Cloud Control are beginning to gain the notice they deserve outside of their native Australia while currently touring across Europe. They will also play 3 dates in the U.S next month including The Knitting Factory in New York. An extensive tour of Britain follows and one date so far has been been pencilled in for Dublin's Academy on October 7th next. This is another great song from the album called 'There's nothing in the water we cant fight.'

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