Saturday, July 2, 2011

Apple Rabbits

This is a record you will want to have in your collection. Jay Fisher aka Apple Rabbits latest 12 track release is called King Of Anglia and is a wondrous affair indeed. You will find it on the independent Kilburn State label.  Fisher is a native of London and has been recording through many different projects since 1994, creating music that doesn't sit easily into particular genres due to its blatant expansiveness.
Having once supported John Martyn on tour during the 1990's, English folk music is certainly an influence in Fisher's work but there is a much more complex mix of sounds running through his songs. Experimental electronica runs deep on tracks like 'Wrong Again' and 'One rolls Over' reminiscent of  recent synthesising work by bands like Radiohead for instance. However the album overall never fully abandons its folk rock roots.
This is the opening track called 'Sing To Me', Americana UK magazine recently described this song as... 'like stumbling across a rare orchid in a meadow', quite an apt observation in my opinion.

'King Of Anglia' is as satisfying as it is complex, surreal as it is adventurous but overall it is altogether ambitious. For those of you who enjoy discovering new music that pushes the boundaries I cannot  recommend this album enough.
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