Friday, February 8, 2013


OTW #469: Ratking
It's always a pleasure to discover something new and exciting in music and I will be posting more in the future about what new music is inspiring me these days.
There is so much out there of course and the choices are incredibly vast,  although I must admit that this group impressed me greatly with what they have on offer.
New York foursome Ratking are something to look out for this year as their hardcore underground sound is beginning to turn heads.
This young hip hop group consists of Patrick ‘Wiki’ Morales a lyrisist with Puerto Rican and Irish blood and 2 producers who go by the names of Sporting Life and Ramon.. Hak completes this union which currently have an EP on release called Wiki 93 available on the cutting edge XL label.
This is 'WikiSpeaks' from the 7 track collection that seeps dedication and heart from 4 kids who are a voice for the urban nation and in particular for their native Harlem.

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