Friday, February 8, 2013

Valerie June.

ClashMusic: Read an interview with Valerie June for Clash Magazine's Ones To Watch new music column. Hear her organic moonshine roots music on songs 'Workin' Woman Blues', 'I Will Not Be Blue', 'You Can't Be Told'.
Valerie June

Without question when you stumble across a musical discovery as good as this one, you automatically want to share it with the world and this is no exception.

Hailing from a small town called Humboldt, Tennessee that sits between Memphis and Nashville, it seemed only natural that Valerie June should be influenced by a whole melting pot of roots music.
Her stunning fusion of soul-jazz, blues and gospel is compellingly arresting and it is no surprise that her love for old records comes through in her singing and her string playing.
Valerie June's debut album 'Pushing Against A Stone' is on it's way for release along with an extensive U.K tour beginning on February 12th.
There is an Irish date too thankfully, on May 3rd she will play The Sugar Club in Dublin which will be a date to mark in the diaries.
This is one of her stand out songs entitled 'Workin' Woman Blues'...

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